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Submitted on
November 7, 2011
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If I tied you to a tree
Told you to stay if you love me
Would I some day return to see
Your skeleton still there for me
Or would you be like everybody
And just abandon me?

If I beat you, almost to death
But then nursed you back to health
Would you love me like your breath
Or view me as the theft to your soul wealth?

If I tied you to a tree
Begged you to never leave me
Would you still try to get free
Never wanting to be near me
Or would you wait and see
If you're the one for me?

If I broke your bones,
Struck you with stones,
Then left you alone,
Would your heart still be my home?

If I tied you to a tree
Commanded you to wait for me
Would you stay obediently
Existing only for me
Or would you become a nobody
And be forgotten by me?
Promise me,
You'll never leave
And make me
Actually believe
Swear that
You'll always be near
Make me feel that
I can count on you to be here

Hin, be afraid. Be very afraid. :|

Actually, I kid, but for the girl that gets my heart, you've got quite a mess that goes along with it. :3

Or maybe not. This was, after all, inspired by ~SockyTM's/Merlin's Conrad.
Sorry Socky, Merlin refused to let me say that Conrad belongs to anyone but him. xD
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I love this poem!!! It was very powerful to read!
Thank you very much. It is flattering to hear that.

Thanks as well for the :+fav::3
wonderfully put together! well done :)
Thank you so much and thanks as well for the :+fav::3
no problem! :D
PERIO64 Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This is beautiful, but scary... I love it!
xD It isn't so scary if you think of it figuratively.
Rather than literally tie you to a tree, it means, leave you.
Or rather than actually hurting them, lashing out verbally on a bad day.
Of course, that takes some of the fun from it. >.>
Thanks for the :+fav: on this. :3
PERIO64 Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I guess your right. And no problem! :)
WritingObsessed Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
this was amazing, haunting, scary, lovely, but overall, inspiring. thank you for giving me the spark to want to write another poem. :D
Glad to share the inspiration~ I think a flighty muse is pretty well universal, so I am glad to offer help. xD
Thank you for your lovely praise and the :+fav::3
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